Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 337 - Christmas Cards

Today I got everything figured out for our 2010 Christmas Cards.

First for the cards, I am going to work with a fellow blogger. Her name is Molly and she is so creative. She has become good blogging friends with my dear real life friend Lindsey and she has an Etsy sight where she designs cards - Here it is. So I am going to pick some pictures from our little Thanksgiving day photo shoot and have Molly work her magic. ($20)

I then found some great deal on envelopes. I know most places you print cards from provide envelopes, but I love colorful ones. So I will be ordering from Envelope Mall. ($19)

Lastly I had to decide where to have the cards printed - SO MANY options! I think I will try out this one, Winkflash, they have the best prices - so I can justify a little extra for fancy envelopes. ($33.50)

Total for 100 Christmas cards = 72.50 (plus postage and lots of time)

Now that I have done all of this research it will hopefully be much easier next year!

***Update: here's how our Christmas Cards turned out***

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