Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 364 - Town Topic

We have driven by probably a hundred times and many of those times had joked about going . . . and today we made that dream a reality. Lunch from Town Topic in KC - MO, yes please :)

The inside was a tight squeeze, luckily we were planning to order ours togo

The menu was much more extensive than I imagined and we have big plans to head back some day to try the biscuits & gravy, but today we had our hearts & stomachs set on cheese burgers (and because I can, since I am a very pregnant lady, and the sign said
'fresh pies' . . . a slice of blueberry pie too)

All-in-all it was a place worth checking out and the burger was great too

Other than the guy who asked is I was carrying 3 babies (luckily I was able to respond that there were indeed 2 little babes cooking), it was great and actually, I honestly thought that guy was the perfect touch to the experience :)

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